Friday, December 16, 2011

make way for the studio sell out sale!

So when I was a kid, around this time of year, my mum would make me clean out my room. Not just regular tidying, but hardcore 'If you want Father Christmas to bring you presents, you need to make space for them.' I would frantically tear through my room, ripping things off shelves, making very obvious gaps that would require filling. I am now recreating this experience in the studio.

While I am not really expecting Father Christmas to supply me with an ample folio of work (that would be awkward), this brings me to my Super Studio Sell Out Sale! I have just set up a temporary online store for the silly season, with a selection of original artworks for sale. Many prices have been reduced, and plenty of works are under $100 - whaaaaaaat?!

I heartily encourage all of you who are stuck for Christmas gifts this year to consider something handmade and original, whether it be my own artwork or something you make yourself. Myer doesn't need your cash and your Aunty Sue doesn't need another bar of fancy soap.

You can access my online shop by clicking 'store' on the far right tab toward the top of this page ... yep, that one.

All Australian orders will be express posted, and and AND all orders over $100 will be shipped FREE! OH MY GOD! So get your orders in quick smart!

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year, and I'm looking forward to sharing some new art work delights with you all in the new year.


Monday, December 12, 2011

I crawled out from under my rock and discovered that it's December!

Seriously, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!? I am one of those creepy anal people, that has all Christmas shopping done by September, and my new diary for the following year filled in by November. This year something happened and I discovered that Christmas is at the END of NEXT WEEK. Was anyone else aware of this?

Anyway. I am in the loop now, so am doing my best to get prepared. At the moment I seem to be setting myself large tasks, and then accidentally on purpose doing something else. Last night I was supposed to be making an array of cards (birthdays, get well soons, etc etc) and instead I lay on the floor of my studio fastidiously glueing hundreds of paper butterflies to a new work. Eh, I do what my hands tell me.

The past few months I have been working on a new series for my next show (which will be in Feb, details to come!), but an opportunity to create a commission came up that I couldn't resist. I thought I'd share it with y'all, it's a Christmas gift from SOMEONE to SOMEONE else (note my awesome subtlety), so I hope it goes down well.


Friday, November 18, 2011

spirit fingers

I finally decided it was time to give spirit fingers a permanent paper home, seeing as this work has been a transient wall piece for some time, living life to the full in a plastic zip-lock bag. Today when I opened it up, this sad little dead moth fell out amongst all the paper butterfly wings. I kept trying to gently lift it out of the pile (I admit to avoid smooshed moth on my very pristine paper) and the dude just wouldn't budge! Eventually I extracted him with a pair of tweezers, feeling a bit guilty. It seemed so poignant that this little moth chose this pile of paper butterflies as his final resting place ... oh god. I hope I didn't lock him the bag when he was alive ... shit. 

Ummm ... so anyway. This work is collage on fabriano paper, 70 x 100 cm. Sorry little moth. Your spirit lives on through many paper wings.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

clusters (c3 recap)

I am having a bit of a cluster-fetish at the moment. While that might sound like something to do with some kind of nutty-chocolate delight, or something even saucier, I can assure you it's not. (Everyone exhales in disappointment?)

I'm talking about art-clusters! Woo hoo! Now I feel like I'm being eager on some kind of late night infomercial. I have here for you tonight, a few images recapping the c3 show, and looking back at this and previous shows, I now realise my complete aversion to traditional hanging. If it isn't clusterfied, I'm not interested. What other grammatical variations can we create with cluster? Let's see.

• Clustery (sounds like a medieval room - 'I shall meet thee in the Clustery at dawn!')
• Clusting (sounds a bit like a dodgy sex act)
• Clusterific (a bit weak, I know)
• Clustangible (the act of physically gesturing with your hands something that is tangible)
• Clusterfication (the operation of a cluster)
• Clusterism (theory behind the verb 'to cluster')
• Clusterment (a group of clusters clustered together ... I am now completely out of control.)

Now does cluster still sound like a real word? I believe it does not. Anyway, here are some clusters of my own - feel free to click on the image to get a better look. Many thanks to Lilly Dusting who photographed these works for me. Cluster cluster cluster.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a moon for biffy's birthday

It was my sister's birthday yesterday, so I made her a moon. I think she liked it.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

die grossen revolver-helden

So when I was in Berlin, I bought this book, which translates (apparently) to 'the large revolver-hero', which is filled with delightful images of guns, corpses and Butch Cassidy and his gang looking very dapper indeed. It is such a strange book. The book follows the marshals, sheriffs and outlaws of America through the late 19th century. I kept thinking I would use it to make some fabulous ironic gun-toting art.

So far though, all I've been able to muster is some good ole gazing. The 'I'm-trying-not-to-look-because-it's-quite-upsetting-but-sort-of-interesting-wow-that-gun-is-shiny-but-not-that-I'm-into-guns-or-anything-eeergh' type of gazing. This work I made while in Berlin, but it's never sat so well with me. I guess I'm just not into guns. Not even in an ironic way, it would seem. Better stick to decapitating.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Golden ArtNet

So I am doing a bit of a cheating post today, because I am literally sponging off the amazingness that is Golden ArtNet, a very cool new online initiative by Kent Wilson. As if all that curating, art-making and writing hasn't cut it, Kent has gone a bit postal the last month getting this site up and running, and already it's gained quite a following. The site aims to bring together all the awesome creative stuff happening in the region and is an amazing resource for locals, tourists and creative people alike. Check it out if you want to see what galleries to check out, find out what prizes and grants are available for regional artists, and oh, my, interviews with artists? Whaaaaaaaaat?

What a clever segue into my next point! Kent has very kindly interviewed me for the site (always an ulterior motive). This was incredibly fun and a bit hilarious seeing as we conducted the whole interview via email ... from different rooms in our house that we live in together. Keeping it profesh.

You can check out the whole interview by clicking here!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

where have you been all my life?

Hello all - yes I know, I have been very slack on the blog front as of late. I am trying out this new thing called 'keeping it under my hat.' I'm currently working on a few new series, but as I'm preparing for two large shows next year, I don't want to blurt it ALL out as I go (gotta save some surprises for opening night, right?)!

But I'm sitting in the studio with a sprained ankle right now, and feeling quite sorry for myself, so thought I might pop up a wee preview, to brighten my day at least (and make it seem like I've achieved something further than rolling from the studio to the kitchen on my office chair without falling off - which really is my main achievement for the day!)

In other news, aqualung is now on view at Stockroom, so if you're down Kyneton way, please pop in and visit - if you come in on a weekend, I might even give you guided tour ... of that particular area of wall. I should have the shots from the c3 show up soon (still waiting on the photographer to give me the disk!) and a huge amount of work is also at the framers, which is VERY exciting - so pictures to come! So it's aaaaaaall in the works - sit tight (I sure am).


Sunday, October 23, 2011

ripe nut

the other day my mate was telling me how he and a fellow companion were sitting together having lunch, after doing some serious physical labour. As my friend looked up at his companion, mid conversation, he noticed that said companion had a slight tear in the crotch of his trousers. From this tear, his bare naked testicle was being squooshed through the fabric in all it's shiny, hairy glory. We've all been exposed to an accidental bit of scrotum (haven't we?). You can't unsee that kind of stuff. This work honours his experience.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

prepare the transit beam

Remember the end of Rocky Horror, where Riff Raff gets himself an epic silver tunic and an amazing top knot hair-do? Well. There you go.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hey, how much for your livelihood?

Recently I received an email from a potential buyer, asking whether I'd be insulted if he offered me 50% of my asking price for a work, noting 'hey, a sale is better than no sale, right?' I found this email, at most, cheeky and bemusing. I spent quite a bit of time deliberating a response, eventually opting for what I like to call 'graciously bowing out' ––meaning I said 'yeah ... nah' in a very polite and understanding fashion. However, everyone I've discussed it with has had such a strong opinion on the subject that I felt the need to share.
Some suggested responses included:

'fuck you' (a very popular response)
'you can have it for 50% off but you still need to pay the 70% asshole tax'
'sure, we'll cut it in half, just let me know which half you want'

The list goes on (some were too rude to publish). Another acquaintance couldn't understand what the fuss was about, and thought it was nice that 'oh well, at least he asked.' I felt like asking if she would be as flippant if her boss offered her half her wages that week. 

This has been a great discussion point with fellow creatives about what to charge for the awesome stuff that you do. How do you put a price on your creativity? Aside from ensuring that you cover the cost of your materials, how do you explain to someone, 'yeah, I guess you could have done it yourself, but you didn't.' Or how do you demonstrate to someone the man hours that go into an artwork, the tears you cry when you realise it's crap and you have to start all over again (really shit when you need to remove 40 butterfly wings with tweezers and a scalpel), the man hours that go into sourcing the one-of-a-kind materials, the energy that goes into contemplating an idea. Perhaps for some this is a truly romantic, idealised concept, whiling away your days, gazing out the window and drinking cups of tea, while cutely pasting little pictures together, singing a jaunty tune.

When I consider all the costs that need to be accounted for when making a work, I tend to have little conniptions––studio rental, material costs, utility costs, exhibiting costs, framing costs, eating, oh god, EATING! I was joking with a friend the other night about billable hours on top of all those costs. 

'Aw LUCE!' He said, 'don't even THINK about your billable hours, you'll be bankrupt!' 

In a way, he was a little bit right. When I sell a work, it is fantastic. Everyone likes cash for art, right? A sale ensures that I can then front the cash to make another work. Sometimes it contributes to my rent, and recently, it will contribute to servicing my very sad car. It is a pretty cool system really - I'm stoked that there are very wonderful people out there who support the arts.

If you are a creative soul trying to figure out how to charge for your work, there is some excellent advice on the ink and spindle blog. It may not be the right formula for you, but it may remind you that yes, you are pretty awesome, and no, you shouldn't undersell yourself, in fact, you better whack on another 5% because you probably are already underselling yourself. 

I thank my lucky starts that I simply adore what I do, and am happy to work away in the studio until the wee hours to make a piece. And if somebody wants to hang it on their wall, well isn't that just a dandified bonus of joy? It's not for the faint-hearted, but gosh it is worth it.


p.s. In the spirit of sharing and appropriate timing, design sponge have just published biz ladies: 7 myths that make earning ugly. Check it!

the back journals # 26

self portrait, 2008.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

the back journals # 25

Here's an oldie but a goodie that has just resurfaced - my original milly molly mandy work, which now gesticulates as a t-shirt design. This drawing is ink on paper and was created in 2008. Fun times!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cake Bakeshop has arrived!

Hello all!

I know it's been a while - but I have simply been BUSTING MY CHOPS waiting for this gorgeous website to be launched so I could share the illustrations I created for it with you all! Kate Vale of Mini Mammoth has done an amazing job building this site for Cake Bakeshop, not to mention doing some pretty epic colour work on my illos! There are more images on the site, so check it out! (Do it! Do it now. Now. Do it now.)

Hope you like the results (I'm pretty stoked), and next time you're in Ballarat, get yourself over to Cake to have a macaron (does the term buttercream mean anything to you?) - delicious!



Monday, October 3, 2011

jewels (slightly smaller than regular size)

I have been hanging to pop this one up for some time now, but I was saving it! Reminds me of in primary school, and I was always really stingy with lending out my red texta, coz I was saving it, and didn't want it all used up. Saving it for what?! So stupid! Anyway, I was keeping this piece under wraps (literally) as I wanted it to have a surprise unveiling at the show opening, which was fantastic. It was so lovely to have friends pop in and gasp 'oh this is all NEW work!' (as opposed to that crusty old drivel I usually show?) and this piece was the crowd pleaser. Yep, I'm totally horn-tooting tonight. 

These butterflies were all cut in a day (of madness) from an antique book named 'what butterfly is that?' - these are all Australian species and remind me how lucky I am (for numerous reasons) to live in such a diverse and beautiful country. It's making me a little weepy actually. Maybe I'm getting my period?

The work reminds me of my so very awesome great auntie Pat, who I reckon must have looked just like this when she was a little girl (and pretty much still does actually). She tells the best stories, and can never stop talking. An alternative title of this work was 'she looks like the sort of lady who has strawberries in her fridge' - a quote from her childhood, traveling on the tram with another little girl, while they gazed longingly at a wonderfully presented woman sitting near them.

I love my auntie Pat and uncle Dween. They're tops. 


(This work is 70 x 100 cm, SOLD)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Night of the Monsoon!

Another installation shot for your enjoyment (I highly recommend getting yourself a drill wielding assistant for all hangings. Let it be known that I was actually tall enough to do many of these pieces, but when you have a strapping man willing to do it for you, why the hell not, right? Thanks Kent! xxx)

Here are just a few images from the install, more shots from the show to come. Last night was quite wonderful, despite all circumstances pointing toward "Oh no we may have to cancel". It rained so hard that my boots will never be the same again and my car nearly floated away. I'd organised some friends to come early to photograph the show, so when we arrived with their schnoofty tripod and fancy camera etc the gallery had no power and were frantically sweeping flooded water out the door. Gah! 

So naturally we turned around and went to a bar instead. Thank god for being sensible! So though there was crazy flooding and sogginess (resulting in much snotty symptoms today), it was a lovely turn out and a great night.

The show is on until 16th October, so come on down if you're free. I'm sitting the gallery all day this Sunday if you're keen for a personalised tour, that's the day to do it! Until then, I need to get me a maxi box of Aloe Vera tissues and jumbo pack of butter menthols.

More (clearer) shots to come.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Alright everyone, after a day of installing with a tummy bug and the symptoms of a cold lurking, Sudden Flushes of Unconscious Material is up and ready for viewing! The show opens tomorrow night at 6pm, and promises to be a treat. There are some great artist's showing in the other spaces of the gallery, well worth checking out.

Despite feeling like I wanted to die, the hang was surprisingly quick, mainly due to my Assistant Extraordinaire, Kent. Or rather, I was his assistant, seeing as he dealt with everything that was too high for me (e.g, anything higher than 5ft. Sometimes being a midget can really suck.) wielding his drill and spirit level like a warrior.

A wee sneaky preview of some of the goods on display ...

And a bit of epic plumber's crack to get you through the day. Hope to see some of your lovely faces tomorrow night for a drink - hopefully my day of rest today has cleared me up and readied me for some good ole schmoozing. I'll be sure to post full installation shots in the next few days. Boo-ya!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Incidents in Time - Jason Waterhouse

I know I am being incredibly lazy, but I thought I'd share an interview I conducted with Jason Waterhouse today that I used for the Stockroom blog. Jason has just installed a beautiful collection of small sculptures in a lane way in Ballarat, which are, quite frankly, fucking awesome. Well worth the trip out to check them out. See the Stockroom blog for the full interview and pictures! More pictures on the Stockroom facebook page.



 Silver Cloud Corp. #2

 The Great Outdoors

Liquid Assets

Friday, September 23, 2011

time is short

Without wanting to dispell all my secrets for my upcoming show, I thought I'd do a little throwback from the last show I was in Time is Short at Stockroom in Kyneton. This little show was actually really cool, considering Jason had to pull it out of his arse in one day. Featuring works by Beth Conway, Rhett D'Costa, Kent Wilson and Jason Waterhouse to name but a few, this show was a lovely colour-ball of joy.

Warning: the following photos were taken on my phone. Badly. Please. Forgive me.

 Gorgeous ink work by Beth Conway (lust lust lust).

 Ooh what have we here! Hurray for rent money, that's what!

Another beauty by Kent Wilson - awesome!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

the power of nature

I love these dudes - I think they are displaying some kind of 'sportsmanlike' respect. And they are also joined by ... the power of natureeeeee!

(Sorry - a MASSIVE storm just hit my place, so I am feeling all crazed and wild from thunder and wind. Gaaaah!)


Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yay! Pictures! I'm elbow deep in collage material at the moment, getting ready for my upcoming show Sudden Flushes of Unconscious Material (part 2) at c3 gallery in the Abbotsford convent. Yeah! I'll post details of the opening up soon!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Story time!

Look, I was going to post some new work up today, but now that will have to wait until tomorrow, because, oh happy happy, I found THIS while I was tidying today. Beatrix Potter - you are my personal hero, thank you for being so cool.

I hope you enjoyed story time today. Perhaps take the time to consider your own use of manners and in the mean time, sit tight - I've got some new goodies to share over the coming weeks! Hurrah!



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