Friday, August 3, 2012


Here lies the product of my collaboration with Carmel Seymour. This work was born from Carmel's visit to Healsville Sanctuary, and thus discovering our mutual wonder/love/amazement of lyrebirds.(There was a bit of David Attenborough in the mix too, obviously.) Naturally, pretending to be a lyrebird followed, and then this was born.

I am totally and utterly honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Carmel, who is actually ace, and so alarmingly talented that when the time came to CUT UP HER PAINTING, I nearly vomited. Having said that, I am completely stoked with the beautiful work we have created, and feel that we have captured our individual practices as well as something entirely new and exciting for both of us!

Limited edition prints of this work, as well as our own individual prints and others by contributing Copyshop artists are available for a steal at $50 at c3 Contemporary Art Space. If you can't get down there this weekend (it all wraps up on Sunday), I strongly recommend giving them a call on 9416 4300 to secure a print - there are some corkers!



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