Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Alright everyone, after a day of installing with a tummy bug and the symptoms of a cold lurking, Sudden Flushes of Unconscious Material is up and ready for viewing! The show opens tomorrow night at 6pm, and promises to be a treat. There are some great artist's showing in the other spaces of the gallery, well worth checking out.

Despite feeling like I wanted to die, the hang was surprisingly quick, mainly due to my Assistant Extraordinaire, Kent. Or rather, I was his assistant, seeing as he dealt with everything that was too high for me (e.g, anything higher than 5ft. Sometimes being a midget can really suck.) wielding his drill and spirit level like a warrior.

A wee sneaky preview of some of the goods on display ...

And a bit of epic plumber's crack to get you through the day. Hope to see some of your lovely faces tomorrow night for a drink - hopefully my day of rest today has cleared me up and readied me for some good ole schmoozing. I'll be sure to post full installation shots in the next few days. Boo-ya!


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