Friday, June 4, 2010

blog banner gets framed!

I couldn't help myself - seeing as was going to frame one of the mountain works for the paperwork 1 show, i decided to treat myself too. Instead of this tiny work (one of my favourites!) getting lost in a pile of collage material and other finished works, i decided to get it framed... i don't think i even gave it a real title initially, but now i have labeled it 'the warming room' to signify finally getting my work online and hopefully more public than my desk at home. So a big thankyou to the people who take the time to look at my work from the warming room!

if anyone is looking to get any work framed, i strongly recommend omnus conservation framing - those guys know their shit, and are friendly and lovely and their prices are amazing. They were super speedy with this and my other piece, and cut down the time because they knew i had to get it up in the gallery! thanks again guys!

Paperwork 1

Hello All!

Apologies for the delay, but i finally went to C3 yesterday to photograph (doofus me forgot the camera for the opening) my work. Please forgive my pretty terrible photography - not my strongest point I admit! Unfortunately c3's site is also un-updated with pics, so you'll just have to make do with these!

Ok they are even more boring than i thought - but look yay! hung on a wall for a change! I tried individual shots, however my computer (and brain) is struggling with rotation.

lovely framing work from the dudes at omnus conservation framing.


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