Tuesday, June 4, 2013

when the universe needs to kick you in the teeth

Don't be fooled by the picture. The universe has not literally kicked me in the teeth. However it has taken me down a peg or two. After attempting to juggle a million things at once, I watched this Ted talk – and then went down like a ton of bricks. Pharyngitis!? I am wholly convinced that this talk on vulnerability is the reason I got sick. I'm not moaning about being sick (tedious as it was and is continuing to be) – I know that I needed something to physically inhibit me from trying to do it all, and I think that is often the case with many people. While I do get panicky about 'holy shit I have so many deadlines and I've been sleeping for nearly a weeeeeeek!!!' I also realise that some of those deadlines now need to be pushed back. Stiff shit, right?

Anyway – after spending 6 days in bed, I have had plenty of time for my brain to catch up with my body. I've written a list. I now need to get started on my sublists and get to work. I'm back in the studio, I'm wearing actual clothes (as opposed to jammies), and things are happening – including a lot of procrastination (see image above).

I think I have learned a valuable lesson here. Slow the fuck down and get over yourself.

Happy Tuesday every one! May your winter be bountiful with roast potatoes.



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