Thursday, July 7, 2011

experiments in colour

Just been fiddling around with the tree in the back yard again (wow that sounds wrong). 

But if you turn it on its side, it kinda looks like an eagle or hawk or something! Either way, its been nice to do some meditative work lately, a little like colour by numbers, but less regimented.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Currently I'm spending a lot of time in bed. The flu is a bitch. And I'm talking real live flu with pain from my eyeballs to my toes. It's making me pretty grumpy actually. However, a friend sent me an awesome pick-me-up email, which inspired me to at least get out of bed to clean my teeth. Now that the painkillers have kicked in, I'm having a lovely (yet somewhat comatose-type) play on the computer. I thought 'my goodness the blog's looking a bit 'sadlies' (a term my dad uses for me and my sisters when we're being pathetic ... like now), I better get something on there.'

So here is a wee preview of a large-scale work I recently completed. I can't give away ALL my secrets at once can I? As soon as the sun comes out again (hopefully soon), I'll get some more photos of work happening. In the meantime, it's soup and tea for the next few days. And possibly a disney movie.

Next time I promise to be more sprightly! And maybe more generous with images ... maybe.



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