Thursday, May 27, 2010

flurry of busy-ness business.

so i have had an actual actual weekend away from work, which is quite exciting, because it means i have had a chance to play and make and update!! I have been making cushions like they are back in style... for the first time.

Paperworks 1 opened last night and was a great success, pictures to come very soon i hope!! The show is on until 13th June, so get your arses down there to see some lovely work. there is also ample opportunity to enjoy the convent's coffee making skills and lovely grounds for wandering.

xx lucy

and the walls became the world all around (extention)

this laser cat has been extended and made into a 'permanent' collage (as opposed to floating between zip lock bags for the last six months. I am glad i could give it a proper home on (fabriano) card, 20 x 15 cm.

Our faces, furred with.

collage, 2.5 x 4 cm. would it be too ridiculous to get this lady framed? i think no. though i just dropped this piece on the floor and nearly lost it because it is so small. i should probably arrange a vessel for this one...

and i shall eat the jewels from the sky

this is a detail from kent's birthday book. it is actually i very small collage, approx 7 x 10 cm. i like it enlarged though, it could look amazing gigantic like. we'll see...

birthday book

here are some images of the book i made for kent for his birthday - i know it was over a month ago, but i thought hey! time to get some pics up there...


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