Thursday, May 24, 2012

the most important part of procrastinating...

How silly of me. The whole point of the previous post was to bring to light the most vital procrastinative (yep, I just did that) task when moving house. And that is drawing every piece of furniture you own to scale ... and then arranging it on your scaled floor plan.

You know, I think my subconscious decided to forget putting these photos in the last post on purpose. Anything to avoid sorting and packing those damned piles of papers.


 Extra prepared

Some of you may know that I am moving house, um tomorrow (?????) - yes, what a well planned adventure, our official 'let's move the bed and fridge over' moving day is on Tuesday, and then the official 'lets move all the stupid pieces of furniture like that random chair I totally forgot we had' is on Wednesday, just before the show at Anna Pappas opens that night. I am a damn fool.

Marcel is also getting stressed about the move.
I have already had my parents graciously travel to ole Daylesford to pack boxes for us while we were at work, and now I am spending the day trying to assess what the hell to pack. Coz you know, I need to pack all my clothes ... but that means I need to plan 5 days worth of outfits?!
How on earth am I supposed to do that?

And then there is exhibit A: an example of what every surface in my house actually looks like. Kent - what the fuck are all these papers!? I don't know, you don't know, but of course there is sure to be a really important invoice wedged in-between ... that to-do list from 3 weeks ago and ... that voucher for that thing we don't give a shit about. Hang on, I think I see my scarf jammed in there. So that's where that is! So of course, the likely scenario is that I will pack all of these things, and then they will sit packed in the front room of our new house for 6 months. Hey! Maybe we don't need to get a futon for guests - hello, we can just put a fitted sheet around several clumps of papers!

Exhibit A
In other procrastinating, I made a cake today - and was about to pour this nummy date-filled batter into my muffin tray and then I remembered that my muffin trays were lovingly packed by my beloved parents ... somewhere.

Exhibit B: I'm pretty sure that's a random sock in that pile.

Now ... I really need to make some cat art (at least I know to pack that last). Opens 14 June at Craft Vic people! You can see first hand (small preview below) what choosing to move at the worst possible time can do to a person - it's all in the art.


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