Monday, March 11, 2013

Chicks With Knives!!! Opening Night

Thank you to all who came along and supported Chicks With Knives!!! last Saturday. The night was a roaring success (I think the foodtruck, bar and band had much to do with that), with a fantastic crowd.

There are some truly fabulous pieces (by truly fabulous artists) in the show - which are getting snapped up pretty quickly - I recommend getting along and securing a piece of amazing artwork, quick-sticks!

Here are a couple of my works from the show, for those of you who won't get the chance to make the trek.

Vigorous Standing Pose

Fluttering Seated Pose
 Do you think I might have been influenced by my recent jaunts as the Substitute Florist and the Yoga Teacher In Training? What's the saying - you live oxen, you breathe oxen? Or perhaps it's the other way around ...

Anyway! Happy Public Holiday everyone! I hope you're all at the pool drinking Negronis.



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