Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Men With Glasses - the fun never ends!

Ok I promise this will be the last Men With Glasses post I do ...

I lie. I bet there will be HUNDREDS MORE! I can't help it! It's just the beginning! This post is just a little wrap up and show of the gorgeous images photographer John Brash took of the show. When I get his details I will post them for those interested in someone who can take great photos in the world's most difficult to capture space.

What a wonderful experience this was, and the fact that my men are now safely tucked into a single A4 folder makes it the most blissful storage for a large scale art work anyone could dream of. Hats off to super-Kent, who helped me install and deinstall in record time!

Until next time!


Foreground shows work by Low Phat WytchKraft (sisters Jessie and Kate Tucker)


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