Thursday, November 3, 2011

die grossen revolver-helden

So when I was in Berlin, I bought this book, which translates (apparently) to 'the large revolver-hero', which is filled with delightful images of guns, corpses and Butch Cassidy and his gang looking very dapper indeed. It is such a strange book. The book follows the marshals, sheriffs and outlaws of America through the late 19th century. I kept thinking I would use it to make some fabulous ironic gun-toting art.

So far though, all I've been able to muster is some good ole gazing. The 'I'm-trying-not-to-look-because-it's-quite-upsetting-but-sort-of-interesting-wow-that-gun-is-shiny-but-not-that-I'm-into-guns-or-anything-eeergh' type of gazing. This work I made while in Berlin, but it's never sat so well with me. I guess I'm just not into guns. Not even in an ironic way, it would seem. Better stick to decapitating.

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