Sunday, March 4, 2012

Janice Darling

As one show comes down, another goes up! I cordially invite you all to join me for a beer on Monday 12 March (yes, a week from tomorrow!) to celebrate the arrival of Janice Darling at Rooftop Art Space. The night kicks off at around 6pm, and the show goes until April 4.

 'The Burn'

Festooned in a black unitard and an eye patch, Janice Darling was discovered in a Jane Fonda Workout book. Six months before the images were shot for the book, Janice was hit by a car and thrown through a shop window. She lost her left eye, crushed her pelvis and broke both her legs. She maintained that she survived due to her smokingly fit bod. 

In this collection of collage, painting and artifacts, Janice has been immortalised through rainbows, flowers and bright swirly colours. This woman is obviously invincible, inspiring unfit women of the 80s to get off their
arses and work it, Jane Fonda style.

All artwork will be for sale. Please note that this EXCLUDES the Jane Fonda Workout Book. This stays with me forever, as a beacon of hope and joy for my studio. People wishing to view the book will need to make an appointment to visit it in the studio. Hope to see you all there on opening night!



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