Monday, October 3, 2011

jewels (slightly smaller than regular size)

I have been hanging to pop this one up for some time now, but I was saving it! Reminds me of in primary school, and I was always really stingy with lending out my red texta, coz I was saving it, and didn't want it all used up. Saving it for what?! So stupid! Anyway, I was keeping this piece under wraps (literally) as I wanted it to have a surprise unveiling at the show opening, which was fantastic. It was so lovely to have friends pop in and gasp 'oh this is all NEW work!' (as opposed to that crusty old drivel I usually show?) and this piece was the crowd pleaser. Yep, I'm totally horn-tooting tonight. 

These butterflies were all cut in a day (of madness) from an antique book named 'what butterfly is that?' - these are all Australian species and remind me how lucky I am (for numerous reasons) to live in such a diverse and beautiful country. It's making me a little weepy actually. Maybe I'm getting my period?

The work reminds me of my so very awesome great auntie Pat, who I reckon must have looked just like this when she was a little girl (and pretty much still does actually). She tells the best stories, and can never stop talking. An alternative title of this work was 'she looks like the sort of lady who has strawberries in her fridge' - a quote from her childhood, traveling on the tram with another little girl, while they gazed longingly at a wonderfully presented woman sitting near them.

I love my auntie Pat and uncle Dween. They're tops. 


(This work is 70 x 100 cm, SOLD)


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