Thursday, May 31, 2012

RRR Review for after the end

Many thanks to Ace Wagstaff's ripper review on RRR this morning! If you missed it, or like me, only caught the tail-end over breakfast, you can hear the whole program Smartarts by clicking the link, or if you'd like to hear Ace's insights for this show, skip to the 33 minute mark.

Big love and thanks to all who traipsed through peak hour madness to get to the show last night, it was much appreciated. If you are keen to have a look, it is on until ... 7 July. I think. I will check and remind you all near the end.

 bird girl flappin' and squawkin' - 32 x 42 cm, collage on paper

Thanks again for all the wonderful support, it is so appreciated. When our internet is fully installed and working, I'll have images up for you all to enjoy! In the meantime, I could so go a bottle of champagne and a Disney movie. It has come to that.



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