Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunny country days

This weekend I had my folks come and visit my new home in Daylesford. In exchange for having them over for the night, they whisked us around town, exploring all kinds of delights. The day started with an amazing breakfast at Breakfast and Beer where I sampled some of the sweetest and fluffiest corn fritters I've ever had - this place reminded me of Birdman Eating in Fitzroy, in terms of delicious fresh food that's a little bit special, with a hint of that lovely crusty decor adopted by Borsch Vodka and Tears (i miss you guys!). This was followed by a stroll through the farmer's market (collecting home made chutneys and cookies along the way) with a stop off at the gorgeous Daylesford Makers Market, carrying some excellent brownies and gorgeous products to boot.

Oh and then we swanned over to Lark's (if you're into all things baking, tuppaware and polka dots, I strongly recommend this store - cute as a button!) garage sale, where I managed to pick up a knee high stack of girl's own annuals for FREE, which prompted this irresistible appropriation:

Weren't the fifties grand? I felt it was my duty to tribute Lark for their generosity (and what better way to do that then though a cute pink apron and a cupcake?) - thanks Lark! 

And speaking of cupcakes, stay tuned for my ultimate (and easy!) cupcake recipe that will be added shortly - it will knock your socks off. Or possibly make you fat. Either way, something exciting is bound to happen. 


Sunday, May 29, 2011

gold blossom

I have for you another work from my 2nd year at art school, probably my most freeing time of art-making. A time where I felt no restraint, worry or anxiety about what I made - I was too busy making it to worry about what it might mean, whether it would help pay my bills or whether anybody thought it was any good. I never stopped drawing - I drew on whatever was closest (such as the paper table cloths and napkins at the nearby cafe, price tags picked up off the floor from the shop where I worked, empty medicine boxes ... you name it). Finding my work from this time definitely pulls on my heart strings - it was a time of true romance, and it's inspired me to dive back in. Sometimes it's good to get lost in making.



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