Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New website, NOW LIVE!

Good morning all!

What a beautiful Autumn day to announce the launch of my new website! It's been a while in the works, and while it will always be a work in progress, I am thrilled to share it with you all here.

My email and web address are still the same, however, it is with a slight hint of melancholy that I will be phasing out The Warming Room – I know, it's the end of an era! The new site will now have it's own news page, and you can check out all happenings there from here on in. For those of you who enjoy a good old fashioned 'trawl' - I will be keeping this blog account online for some good ole-fashioned archived arty goodness.

Of course, hats off to my mates Richard and Paul who helped me to bring it all together in one neat little power pack (as well as putting up with a cacophony of sweary emails from me over the last month or two – IT is not my thing).

Many thanks to all who have supported and watched the growth of The Warming Room – it's your enthusiasm and encouragement that has brought me to this point. I'm stoked to be bringing it to the next level.
See you on the other side.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Waiting for Baby

As many of you may know, I apparently have a baby on the way. It's running a little bit late, but that's ok – I've been knocked out by a seasonal cold, so feeling happy to just be mooching around and resting.

It's been interesting to see what kind of studio doodling has been materialising, and I thought this work was particularly relevant in relation to my pending arrival.

I may not be answering my phone, text messages, the front door or any questions about anything much for the next little while – but don't worry, we're all in here, safe and sound, and very appreciative of the love we've been receiving!

Happy Easter to you all - stay safe, warm and full of chocolate-y goodness.

See you on the other side!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yen Female Art Awards

Good Morning all!

I can't believe it's that time of year again, but I thought I'd give the Yen Female Art Awards another crack (excuse the pun). This is a yearly award run by Yen magazine that helps to promote young female artists across Australia. AND there are some amaaaaaaaazing prizes to be had. I am a little ashamed to say that I am most excited by the prospect of a funkis shoe voucher.

growth = progress, collage on paper, 2013
You can view more info about my entry here, and oh, what's this? Oh my! If you are feeling people's choice-y, you can also vote! You don't need to sign up for anything, just a little click over on the top right hand corner – your support would be greatly appreciated.

It would be a fantastic opportunity to show this work at the Gaffa in Sydney this June. Shazam!

AND! It's almost the weekend – have a goodie everyone!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Under Construction

Hi All!

Yes, I know I have been on the quiet side lately, I've been trying to be sneaky ... lots of archiving and collating going on in the studio. However, I couldn't keep it under my hat anymore – I've been working on a brand-spanking-new website! And when I say 'I', I really mean that a very clever professional and dear friend has been working very hard while I hover around him making useful suggestions such as 'what if we just went and had coffee instead?' and 'shall I go and get those corn chips from the kitchen?'

Anyway, the site is still very much under construction, but I wanted to share a little flavour with you all. I am hoping to have the site live in the next few weeks, which may mean that my current site may be down for a couple of days. In the interim, check in here for any updates/crossover details.

Happy Monday!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

But where has all the art gone?

You might well ask. Indeed, I have been asking myself this for the past month. Due to the concentration of collaborative shows the past six months, my knife-time has been cut a little – yeah, see what I did there?! Anna Davern + Lucy James was beautifully received, and we are really excited to be increasing our online presence in the next few weeks. BONUS CARD's debut show Loom of the Land  was an incredible start to our now unstoppable plans for future works (just you wait and see). And, of course, Kent and I will be welcoming a mini-housemate into our midst in just a couple of short months!

So, while there has been a lot of reshuffling in our tiny little house, we are in no way slowing down our creative endeavours. It has been fantastic to have such a large concentration of exhibiting opportunities in such a short amount of time, however I am really pleased to be able to return to the drawing board and start playing with some new ideas and projects. There are big plans in store for this year, and I for one am truly excited to pick up where I left off last year and get stuck into some of the works that were put aside to make room for Anna Davern + Lucy James and BONUS CARD.

Watch this space, it's time to play.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Anna Davern + Lucy James now available online through Craft Collector!

Happy Thursday everyone! Some exciting news for those of you near and far who were unable to get to the Supermarket exhibition last year to score some Anna + Lucy jewels: our entire range is now available exclusively online through Craft, from their Craft Collector online shop

This is a very limited run of jewellery and archival pigment prints, designed and created by Anna and myself with nothing but a mutual love for shiny sparkles and each other (and a lot of hard physical grunt work ... and some other stuff). I believe Craft have but a few of each style, so do get online now and get yourself or a buddy a cool treat. 

Many thanks to all the kind words of support and encouragement for the project - we couldn't have done it without you all!

Lucy and Anna

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Loom of the Land

Massive thank you to all who braved the sweltering heat to open BONUS CARD's inaugural show Loom of the Land last week! The show has been a great success so far, and we are stoked to have one of our totems go home with the State Minister for the Arts, Heidi Victoria.

the artists with Artefact #3 and Artefact #4
Kent and I headed to Yarra Glen for a much needed break this week, with plans to eat, read, swim, see native flora and fauna and rejuvenate. However, in true tradition, we instead dropped like a ton of bricks with a sinus/virus/headcold/spewing extravaganza. It was really quite vile. I'm sorry to the proprietors of the Valley Guest House for decimating their waste paper basket. More than once.

In GOOD news though, we are definitely on the mend, and were forced to rest on our laurels (in a weepy, hallucinogenic sort of way), and are now already deviously planning what might be coming next for BONUS CARD. We will be doing a Q&A with the Curator of Craft, Debbie Pryor, which will be available online next week. In the meantime, head over to the BONUS CARD blog to see some fantastic opening night shots taken by Tash Sorensen. You can see a full price list of available works on the Craft website.

Many thanks again for your ongoing support, we can't wait to share the next chapter with you!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Loom of the Land opens tomorrow!

Hello and a happy sweltering Wednesday to you all! I am so excited to announce that BONUS CARD's first exhibition is hung and ready for your viewing pleasure. The opening kicks off tomorrow night at 6pm. It's going to be a scorcher, so please ensure you are adequately hydrated, have hired your mu-mus, body-tents and hand-held fans for the evening (we have). Kent and I are stoked with how the show has unfolded, and are super excited to share it with you. 

Here's a little sneak preview to get you hot and bothered (in case you're not already).

For those of you who can't bear to step outside your iceboxes tomorrow, never fear! The show runs until 15 February, so there are plenty of other toasty summer days ahead to enjoy it in! 

Loom of the Land
Showing at Craft from 16 January – 15 February
31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

See you there!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Loom of the Land

Happy Monday all!

Well, it's official. Kent and I have actually gone mad. But don't worry, it's a good thing! We are ripe and ready to share our launch of BONUS CARD's inaugural exhibition: Loom of the Land, which is opening NEXT WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! 

Here's a little somethin-somethin about the collaboration to get you going. 

BONUS CARD is the collaborative partnership of husband and wife artist-duo Kent Wilson and Lucy James. Exploring ideas of primitivism, tribalism and ceremony BONUS CARD weaves the contemporary and the archaic into mashed analogue interference. With equal parts contempt and respect for materials, tradition and privilege, BONUS CARD forges pseudo-cultural icons from mixed media and ambiguous intent.

See ya on Thursday 16 January, at 6pm at Craft (31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne). I'll be the one in spots.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

See you on the other side

I'm not a huge fan of New Years eve. Everyone wants you to drink more, stay up later, party harder and have much more fun than you might on any other given night. I can't handle the pressure. Then I get annoyed that everyone sleeps in on New Years day – hello, it's the start of a whole new year, don't you want to get started?! I love New Years day, love love love it. It's when I coordinate all my 2014 planners (because I have a yearly wall calendar, a month-by-month wall calendar, my pocket diary and my day-to-day list of things to do) and get up early and shout loudly and PLAN!!! Which people with appalling hangovers don't tend to be very interested in, weirdly enough. It's the day of the year when all I want to do is go aggressively shopping for all those little useful things I always forget about and think I really need (2014: salad spinner, wooden spoons, copious amounts of plastic containers and things that probably don't even exist, like drawer dividers, to name but a few). They should call it Planning Day.

I'm really never sorry to see a year go, I'm far too interested in what's coming next to spend my last day of any given year just hanging out – I need to plan for Planning Day. And so I'd like to share that energy with those of you in particular who have had a really crappy year. In the last couple of months, many of my nearest and dearest have been experiencing some real difficulties. I hope that 2014 is kinder to you all.

To be honest, I am happy to see 2013 go. For me, while this year has been incredibly exciting and busy, it has also been quite trying. I am very much looking forward to 2014, in which the tune of life will definitely change (whether that means it will be any less busy or exciting, only time can tell). To all of you who share my sentiment (it's ok, you can tell 2013 to fuck right off if you like), I send out the warmest of wishes to you for the coming year, and hope that 2014 is kind, healing, exciting and whatever else it needs to be for you.

I can't wait to share my upcoming projects for next year with you all! To get you started, I hope to see some of your lovely faces at the launch of BONUS CARD's debut show, Loom of the Land, at Craft on 16 January. Thank you all for your amazing and ongoing support, happiest of New Years, whatever form that may be for you (anyone want to borrow my label machine?).


Festive detail of Totem by BONUS CARD – see you at craft next year for more flirty sculptural works! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Yearly Wrap-up

Generally, we are very good at being very busy. I feel that we often keep this busyness as a safety guard – god forbid someone finds out we've been relaxing, unemployed, not particularly stressed or just taking things slowly. I know I am guilty of this very-busy-very-important mentality almost permanently.

This year, when people gasp 'Oh you HAVE been busy!' I have tried to respond with 'Yes I have, but everyone is busy' – because everyone really is. It doesn't really matter what you're doing, but time is full of these luscious spaces in which to fill with all sorts of things. For example, in the last few months, I have been busy doing many things, some of which involve nanna naps, watching Parks and Recreation, drinking coffee (I think most locals in my town think that all I do is swan about main street, cafe-hopping – they're not entirely wrong), doing my laundry, sitting quietly. It has felt like a big year though. I've also had my first book as Editor go to print, become a fully qualified Yoga instructor, launched my first range of jewellery and had Japanese school girls lose their shit over my spotty cats.

It was a hectic year balancing shows, other work and study, and I am so grateful for your support. My Annual Studio Sale was great success, with this year's proceeds going to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Christmas Appeal – many humble thanks to those who were able to contribute, we were able to raise a fat $1000, which will help to contribute to the cost of moving the ASRC to a much needed bigger space in 2014.

And before I nick off for my highly anticipated Summer break next month, I'd like to introduce a new project on the horizon, in collaboration with none other than Kent Wilson. Our new venture BONUS CARD will launch its first show, Loom of the Land. On behalf of BONUS CARD I warmly invite you all to join us in the New Year to celebrate the opening at Craft. We are fortunate enough to have the gorgeous Anton Hasell (Artist and Director of Australian Bell) opening the exhibition, as well as new exhibits by Troy Emery and John Brooks also showing.

The show runs from January 17 – February 15, with the opening night Thursday January 16 from 6-8pm. Kent and I are looking forward to sharing the madness with you. More info can be found on the Craft website.

In the meantime, wishing all you gorgeous people a happy and safe Christmas and New Year period. Thank you as always for supporting these creative endeavours, it would not be possible without you.

See you on the other side!


Monday, December 16, 2013

studio sale ends THIS FRIDAY!

Less than a week left of the studio sale! As everyone is winding down (or up) for the holiday season, this is when I start to get really feisty in the studio. Projects are bubbling away, and I am running out of space! So, to celebrate the last week of the sale (and many people's working week – yay!), all shipping within Australia*** is now FREE! Please note that international folks will still need to contact me in order to get work overseas – sorry guys.

In my last-week-madness, I have also added a few sneaky mystery discounts here and there on some of the works, so check it out! OH MY GOD!

10% of sales will still head on over to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre for their Christmas Appeal, and delivery will be ASAP - please note that at this time of year, Australia Post is under a lot of pressure, and often there can be delays. For local deliveries/pick up, I will aim to accommodate you as best I can. If you have any concerns about getting goods by Christmas, PLEASE contact me ASAP and I will do my best to help you out.

Thanks again to all for your juicy love and support - nothing like going local and lovely for Christmas this year I say.


*** Please note that some work is LOCAL delivery only. If you are interstate and want to get any of these works, please get in touch and we will work something out!

Friday, December 13, 2013

tomorrow tomorrow!

Lazy me for not writing my own post - but here is a little reminder from the Crafts that be - opening event is tomorrow people! See you there for some lovely good times.


SUPERMARKET - Opening Event Tomorrow!
Join Craft for our fun Supermarket day, 1 to 4pm TOMORROW Saturday 14 December 2013.
Free wine, fairy floss, gift wrapping and 20% discount for all craft members on all store purchases.
Craft 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Exhibition duration 6 – 24 December 2013
Open 7 days a week, Saturday – Wednesday 10am – 5pmThursday – Friday 10am – 6pm

Exploring the phenomenon of markets and production ware, Supermarket transforms the gallery into a marketplace of limited edition works exclusive to Craft from a select group of Melbourne makers.
Curator Debbie Pryor has brought together a group of outstanding makers who have produced unique multiples that will provide the perfect, affordable and distinctive gift this Christmas.
Featuring new works by Kirsten Perry, Anna Davern + Lucy James, Emily Green Arts Project Australia, Home Work (Lara Davies and Jess Wright) and introducing an exciting new relationship with Melbourne icons Alpha 60.

During December 2013 Craft is open 7-days a week. 
10am to 5pm Saturday to Wednesday
10am to 6pm Thursday and Friday
31 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9650 7775

Monday, December 9, 2013


The Positive Approach, 35 x 50 cm, unframed, collage on paper, $380

Perhaps my enthusiasm is out of place, but while the studio sale is indeed not ending until December 20, those of you who want artwork under your Christmas tree this year, please place orders by THIS SUNDAY (Dec 15) to ensure they arrive in time! Those who want art for art and not for Christmas, then you have all the time in the world ... that is, until December 20. Click here to see available goodies.

Local buyers (in Metro Melbourne and Northern Vic), please get in touch re delivery. Any other queries or concerns, just give me a shout.

We are just over the $800 mark in terms of donations to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Christmas Appeal, and it would be super ace if we could push it to a neat thousand! Big juicy thanks to those who have given their support - I am stoked with what you've helped to achieve so far.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Supermarket now open!

It's finally here! Superpeople Debbie and Andrei from Craft have worked tirelessly to get the stalls set up for Supermarket, and I must say it is looking spiffilicious – don't forget that the official launch is on Saturday 14 December from 1–4, involving FREE BOOZE AND FAIRY FLOSS! Anna and myself will be swanning about, ready to help you with your self-gemming needs. However - we have done a very (very) small run of each style (Anna, did you make any extra for me?!), so if you want to secure your goodies, I recommend getting in there quick!



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