Thursday, September 29, 2011

Night of the Monsoon!

Another installation shot for your enjoyment (I highly recommend getting yourself a drill wielding assistant for all hangings. Let it be known that I was actually tall enough to do many of these pieces, but when you have a strapping man willing to do it for you, why the hell not, right? Thanks Kent! xxx)

Here are just a few images from the install, more shots from the show to come. Last night was quite wonderful, despite all circumstances pointing toward "Oh no we may have to cancel". It rained so hard that my boots will never be the same again and my car nearly floated away. I'd organised some friends to come early to photograph the show, so when we arrived with their schnoofty tripod and fancy camera etc the gallery had no power and were frantically sweeping flooded water out the door. Gah! 

So naturally we turned around and went to a bar instead. Thank god for being sensible! So though there was crazy flooding and sogginess (resulting in much snotty symptoms today), it was a lovely turn out and a great night.

The show is on until 16th October, so come on down if you're free. I'm sitting the gallery all day this Sunday if you're keen for a personalised tour, that's the day to do it! Until then, I need to get me a maxi box of Aloe Vera tissues and jumbo pack of butter menthols.

More (clearer) shots to come.


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