Friday, September 2, 2011


You may be wondering where the hell I've been. Or not. But if you have, here are some awesome excuses for my absence:

- My printer/scanner has run out of ink. So what Lucy? You don't need printer ink to operate a scanner! Uh, actually, YES YOU DO. I am on the verge of writing canon an angry letter, outlining exactly WHY I think their printer/scanner combination sucks BALLS.

- I have just started a new job. This is actually very cool. I am now working for Stockroom in Kyneton, as their ... Thing. As a Thing, I do a variety of tasks, such as shopkeeping, smartarsing, writing, phone answering, coffee drinking, backgammon playing and even the occasional vacuum. It is very cool.

- I have BRAIN-BLOCK. This is clearly the most severe of all my ailments contributing to 'not-posting'. After two years of keeping my head down and spewing out a shitload of work, I decided I better start showing it quick smart. So I am and I did ... and now I have RUN OUT OF COOL STUFF. It is very distressing. I have galloped way ahead, booking shows here, and demanding awesome collaboration projects here (more info to come [if my brain becomes unblocked that is] soon) and then realising that I've been spending so much time doing THAT, that I forgot to make any work! ARGH!

So now I need some REALLY COOL IDEAS. Suggestions welcome. In the meantime, here is some eye candy that I recently made for my upcoming show at C3 gallery later this month.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


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