Friday, March 26, 2010

mystery thing

approx 15 x 18 cm on said fancy card.

this creature was so tiny and obscurely shown it was near impossible to draw. it is some kind of midgetty possum and possibly very cute had i not drawn it to look quite retarded. still, i believe it has merit in its own little screwed up way!!

Secure Steenbok

approx 15 x 18 cm again on that fancy mystery notecard. '

a creature very similar to the clipspringer i have drawn previously. like a mini - mountain deer.

mystery wallaby

approx 15 x 18 cm on VERY fancy note card of an undisclosed amount of gsm (it is quite good though).

This creature is supposed to be a brush-tailed rock wallaby (i think) but went horribly wrong. This was toward the end of my visit so i was becoming tired. I tried several times to redirect this frightening beastie toward the cuteness inherent in the wallaby, with no avail. In the end i decided to run with it and have come up with a new bread of 'rat-fox' - official latin name to come.

thingy thing

approx 12.5 x 16 cm on 160 gsm lana paper.

this creature was so tiny, and so nestled within all the creatures at the wild exhibition, i couldn't find a screen that could view it in order to identify its true name. So far 'thingy-thing' is about as extensive as i have been able to come up with, i shall keep you posted should anything more appropriate comes up.

Vunerable Asiatic Golden Cat

approx 12.5 x 16 cm, pencil on 160gsm lana paper

possibly my favourite drawing of the day - it should be noted that this was also my first drawing of the day and therefore probably the most energetic!

this animal also (in my eyes) has the most beautiful name.

endangered bush-stone curlew

approx 12.5 x 16 cm, pencil on 160gsm lana paper.

my trip to the museum! hooray!!

I come bearing bad news! The evil RSI (Really Stupid Injury) has caught me again, and this time it's angry. I have had to take a very large break from cutting and pasting, and tiny tiny detail work.

But all is not lost!! I can still SKETCH! So i went to see WILD at the Melbourne Museum and did a wee bit of observing, which i have posted for your viewing pleasure!


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