Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the dark parade of spring

new work – the dark parade of spring – collage and watercolour on paper, 2013

I have been in sunny, breezy and balmy Hobart (Hobart? Balmy? YES!) for the past few days, rejuvenating (sleeping in) and indulging (mostly eating donuts and cheese). After what has been a hectic few months, and what will be another hectic few months to come, it has been divine to slow down.

Apologies for those of you still waiting on images from You Are The Gardens, I promise, they are on the way. The show ends THIS SUNDAY, so if you are in Kyneton, please pop into Stockroom to have a look! Now that I have refreshed my soul with copious amounts of chocolate and hot chips, it's time to head back to Melbourne and get to work (and reintroduce my stomach to broccoli). There are a couple of projects underway for the rest of the year, and exciting things on the horizon for 2014 (where the hell did this year go!?) – stay tuned!

In the meantime, I recommend those of you who can, get ye-selves into some sunshine – it is delicious!



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