Friday, April 30, 2010

Vikki Kassioras

Here is a real gem (hee hee!) by Vikki Kassioras, Melbourne Jeweller. Her install at e.g. etal indicates a similar love for the mountain-side ...

I believe this ring is called 'diamond lake ring' (i could be wrong!). This particular ring series are about journeys and voyages, and the romance of landscape is inherent in each piece - a very talented lady! Be sure to check out her blog here. Vikki's show at enCOUNTER at Craft Victoria is on until May 2nd (only 3 days left!!) so get to it if you're in the city.


approx 18cm x 10.5cm, collage on found image.

I love mountains, they are my favourite of all natural sites. There is something inherently majestic about them, particularly due to my own concrete city I live in. Mountains represent the unknown natural world to me, a site of adventure, the polar opposite to my small inner city melbourne flat.



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