Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watch this space

Happy 2012 everyone! 2011 was a crazy year: moved out of my flat, travelled Europe, lived in Berlin, came back to Australia, moved to the country, became grossly unemployed (I can't bring myself to relive the amount of baked bean related recipes that graced our kitchen last winter), stopped being a bride, became a wife, got a new job, had shows.

So, in that time, it seems I've become less of a blogger and sharer of pictures, and more of a self-pimp. Does that even make sense? It will. As you may know, I have been working on several projects of late. The latest I'd like to share with you relates to a publication: OOOOOOOH.

I was asked to create an artwork for the Bookery Cook, a group of sisters putting together a cookbook of their favourite recipes, illustrated by 70 artists from around the world. Fucking cool, eh? Anyway, the book itself is currently in production, but check it out! They have a shiny new website, definitely worth checking out. I am about to endeavour to make their earl grey teacake. Pretty excited. 

Love that watermelon background!

Anyway - I am pretty excited to see what 2012 is all about really!



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