Friday, November 18, 2011

spirit fingers

I finally decided it was time to give spirit fingers a permanent paper home, seeing as this work has been a transient wall piece for some time, living life to the full in a plastic zip-lock bag. Today when I opened it up, this sad little dead moth fell out amongst all the paper butterfly wings. I kept trying to gently lift it out of the pile (I admit to avoid smooshed moth on my very pristine paper) and the dude just wouldn't budge! Eventually I extracted him with a pair of tweezers, feeling a bit guilty. It seemed so poignant that this little moth chose this pile of paper butterflies as his final resting place ... oh god. I hope I didn't lock him the bag when he was alive ... shit. 

Ummm ... so anyway. This work is collage on fabriano paper, 70 x 100 cm. Sorry little moth. Your spirit lives on through many paper wings.


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