Tuesday, May 17, 2011

fallen by the wayside

How this little number slipped through the cracks is beyond me. I think this is the first silly mutant I ever created. This cat duck (cuck?) in a way was the beginning of mutant land for me ... it's little head is so chubby, its duck legs so flappy! What's not to love?

I wish this creature existed. As if you wouldn't want to pinch it's cheeks. No? Just me then?

new studio!

Aaaah, smell the potential, feel the sunshine, look at the shiny new floor! Welcome to my new Daylesford Studio of Happy! And by 'my' deep down I really mean 'ours' but I am being overexcited and greedy. Kent can have that corner over there somewhere. We have a super lushy view out onto our huge grassy garden, with rosmary planted over to the left, and bamboo over to the right (you can't see these in the photo though). There is also a stripey outdoor blind, just like in a story book, that is all awesome. Can't wait to get my desk in there and start making shit! Woot!'

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Open for business!

Hi Gang!

Happy news: my etsy shop is finally OPEN! Huzzah! You can visit it here, or by searching for allbecause under 'shop' on the etsy website. (This is my sign in name, and unfortunately this couldn't be changed until it was far too late - apologies for any confusion!) Feel free to browse and enjoy, at this stage I am posting original works for sale. Once I get settled in my new house, I am planning to have custom stationary and prints for sale also - eeee!



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