Monday, March 24, 2014

Under Construction

Hi All!

Yes, I know I have been on the quiet side lately, I've been trying to be sneaky ... lots of archiving and collating going on in the studio. However, I couldn't keep it under my hat anymore – I've been working on a brand-spanking-new website! And when I say 'I', I really mean that a very clever professional and dear friend has been working very hard while I hover around him making useful suggestions such as 'what if we just went and had coffee instead?' and 'shall I go and get those corn chips from the kitchen?'

Anyway, the site is still very much under construction, but I wanted to share a little flavour with you all. I am hoping to have the site live in the next few weeks, which may mean that my current site may be down for a couple of days. In the interim, check in here for any updates/crossover details.

Happy Monday!



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