Thursday, July 19, 2012


7.00 am      Turn off alarm. Squash Marcel (cat).
7.18 am      Get up. Shower. Realise I have left makeup case at Mum and Dad's. Internal swearing. There could be photos today. Find back-up mascara. It's not as good. Accidentally smoodge some on my eyelid. Smear it across my face in an attempt to remove it. Start again. Find the back-up to the back-up mascara. It's much better.
8.06 am.     Wait out the front for Richard to pick me up. The couch, the lawn, the letterbox, all covered in icicles. Take an instagram photo so everyone knows that my couch is frozen. It looks mouldy. (It might also be mouldy.)

8.17 am.     Richard arrives. Car is covered in ice.
8.20 am.     Richard and I bitch about the ice on the car, the traffic, the way some people's dogs smell really bad and people who shop at Chadstone.
9.45 am.     Richard drops (dumps) me at the baths on Victoria St, with a vague 'tram's just next block over, cool?' Tram is approx 9 blocks over.
10.01 am.    Arrive at Brunswick st. Tramtracker says that tram is 29 minutes away. I turn to walk down Brunswick st (to achieve what, I don't know). Tram arrives instantly (magic?).
10.12 am.    Get off at Nicholson st. Dicover that it is a 1.5 kilometre walk to Abbotsford Convent. Sigh.
10.18 am.    Still walking. I guess it's only been 6 minutes.
10.26 am.    Arrive. Quite sweaty.
10.35 am.    Have a traumatic experience at the coffee shop. Note to self – it is rude to give them your dirty, half-full coffee cup. Was charged $10 for 2 coffees. Cross.
10.45 am.    Sit down. Eat biscuits. Discover that I accidentally paid for Simon's coffee too. Less cross. Chat with Carmel Seymour about our day's activities.
11.00 am.    Photo shoot with Jon – glad I had the back-up back-up mascara. Try to look 'officey'. Fail.
11.10 am.    Eat some more biscuits. Cut up stuff:

12.20 pm.    Lunch. Go back to coffee shop to redeem myself. They don't recognise me from earlier (phew). Discuss the value of Krista McCrea's work in depth with Carmel.
1.30ish pm. Pass other boss on way back from lunch – he huffs at us. It's ok. It was a long lunch.
1.45 pm.     Cut up more stuff. Talk about weddings. Carmel is getting married soon. I offer worldly (useless) advice. Do awkward drawings:

2.20 pm.     Need another break. Go and get coffee – too scared to take my dirty cup back to the café. Rinse out cup, go to different café.
2.30 pm.     Do more awkward drawings. Cut up more stuff.
5.07 pm.     COPYSHOP closed seven minutes ago. In an effort to make it seem like I'm leaving, I stand at my desk instead of sitting, while assembling more stuff:

5.15 pm.     Clear desk. Leave framed picture of me and Marcel behind for tomorrow's Copyshoppers:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Dear all!  

I cordially invite you all to the opening of COPYSHOP, I project I am involved with that opens TOMORROW NIGHT at c3 contemporary art space! ARGH! You may be wondering why I only mentioned this now, the truth is that I only JUST found out about it, and it sounded so good I couldn't resist joining in!
This project promises to be super fun and exciting, with 'real-live artists' making 'real-live work' in the space throughout the duration of the show. So if you can't make the opening, do come along to the space this THURSDAY, where my collaborator Carmel Seymour and myself will be copy-shopping.
More details below!
Created by Jon Butt and Simon MacEwan


Collaborative fine art print services by Colour Factory

Copier service by Toner Express

Reflecting on c3’s interest in a group oriented, activity based collaborative processes, the COPY-SHOP project involves 8 artists working together as ‘employees’ of a staged photocopy shop within the gallery.
The selected artists all work in quite different ways yet have been paired on the basis of a certain affinity between their practices, choosing partnerships that will produce exciting and unexpected results.
A result of these collaborations will be limited-edition archival quality print editions. The COPY-SHOP itself will consist of a studio working area for the artists complete with a museum grade archival printer and a showroom where the resultant prints are displayed and sold.
The visible inclusion of the artists themselves (making work in public) calls attention to the ambiguous commerce of the art world, where what is being purchased is not simply an object; but a connection to a set of ideas, to the authorship of those ideas and ultimately a relation to the life that they came from.
This work is presented as a companion piece to c3’s Art Fair Project Space.
c3 contemporary art space, 1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford, 3067
Hours: Wed–Sun 10am-5pm, Mon–Tue closed

FYI: This information has been completely copied from the c3 blog - thanks Jon Butt for his words!


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