Wednesday, February 20, 2013

turning collages into paintings

As a result of three uninterrupted days in the studio, I have been able to get a significant amount of work done. True, day one involved a lot of frustration, crying, lying in bed reading (in defiance) and then some moping. Day two was much more productive, results are yet to be unveiled. Today I have been playing with collage and painting and mixing it up a bit.

I thought I'd share my latest developments - a watercolour based on a collage I was working on yesterday. A flower has inadvertently turned into a pom pom and my interpretation of colour-matching leaves much to the imagination. However, in a world where I am often in control, and my anal-retention is in full swing, this is a rather delightful turn of events. Perhaps it's ok, if not better that this is not an exact replica of the images I selected, cut and composed.

I have enjoyed the blobby pastel-ness of it all.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chicks With Knives!!!

As you can probably tell by my lack of posting, it has taken me an entire week to get over my birthday. Consider yourself lucky – generally I tend to stretch the Lucy Birthday Funfest to about a month. But I have lots to do before March begins (which is very soooon!), so I thought I better get to it.

I am extremely excited to invite you all to an upcoming group show that I'm in - it is SO exciting because it has cool clever ladies in it, is being curated by the wonder-whizz curator/writer/artist extraordinaire Kent Wilson, and it is my hometown, Kyneton. What's NOT to love? AND it's launching over the long weekend, there will be drinks, live music playing - so really, there are no excuses!

The show includes the likes of Ann Brennan, Anna Davern, Beci Orpin, Brooke Wolsley, Sheridan Jones, Tai Snaith and Vexta. OH MY GOD! ARE YOU EXCITED NOW?! You should be. Clearly I am. (Look, they all have their own websites - that surely counts for something doesn't it? I strongly recommend checking each and everyone out if you haven't already.)

Can't wait to see you all there. Swoon!


p.s. Show opens Saturday March 9 from 4 – 7 pm at Stockroom Gallery - 98 Piper St Kyneton. See you there!


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