Thursday, February 20, 2014

But where has all the art gone?

You might well ask. Indeed, I have been asking myself this for the past month. Due to the concentration of collaborative shows the past six months, my knife-time has been cut a little – yeah, see what I did there?! Anna Davern + Lucy James was beautifully received, and we are really excited to be increasing our online presence in the next few weeks. BONUS CARD's debut show Loom of the Land  was an incredible start to our now unstoppable plans for future works (just you wait and see). And, of course, Kent and I will be welcoming a mini-housemate into our midst in just a couple of short months!

So, while there has been a lot of reshuffling in our tiny little house, we are in no way slowing down our creative endeavours. It has been fantastic to have such a large concentration of exhibiting opportunities in such a short amount of time, however I am really pleased to be able to return to the drawing board and start playing with some new ideas and projects. There are big plans in store for this year, and I for one am truly excited to pick up where I left off last year and get stuck into some of the works that were put aside to make room for Anna Davern + Lucy James and BONUS CARD.

Watch this space, it's time to play.



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