Sunday, October 30, 2011

where have you been all my life?

Hello all - yes I know, I have been very slack on the blog front as of late. I am trying out this new thing called 'keeping it under my hat.' I'm currently working on a few new series, but as I'm preparing for two large shows next year, I don't want to blurt it ALL out as I go (gotta save some surprises for opening night, right?)!

But I'm sitting in the studio with a sprained ankle right now, and feeling quite sorry for myself, so thought I might pop up a wee preview, to brighten my day at least (and make it seem like I've achieved something further than rolling from the studio to the kitchen on my office chair without falling off - which really is my main achievement for the day!)

In other news, aqualung is now on view at Stockroom, so if you're down Kyneton way, please pop in and visit - if you come in on a weekend, I might even give you guided tour ... of that particular area of wall. I should have the shots from the c3 show up soon (still waiting on the photographer to give me the disk!) and a huge amount of work is also at the framers, which is VERY exciting - so pictures to come! So it's aaaaaaall in the works - sit tight (I sure am).


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