Tuesday, June 7, 2011

getting my gouache on

Here's a little mock-up of an invite I made for a cards smackdown at my new abode. Seems quite appropriate really, seeing as it actually SNOWED today. I was most disturbed. And also very excited. I have never lived anywhere where it snowed before. Unfortunately the snowing experience was not nearly as pretty as my winter wonderland snowflakes. More like soggy petals. There was some exciting sleet and hail to go with it - sleet seems so British, don't you think? I thought it only ever sleeted in Britain. Is sleeted even a word? Anyway, it sleeted all over the shop today.

I have been completely addicted to gouache lately, which is quite nice. Don't you worry though, I have some collage-y goodness well in the works! In the meantime, here is another preview of my baking type paintings. It is rather silly. Can you tell that I don't drink melk, I mean milk (Freudian slip there?) ... hmmm. 

Man, I could go some melk right now. 


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