Saturday, June 11, 2011

city lights and foggy nights

Yes, that truly was the daggiest post title I could think of. But it is also true! There have been city lights! And foggy nights! You will see why!

 Vertigo from the 37th floor.
This week I trotted down to Melbourne to do some editing work and see the opening of Kent's show at the Sofitel hotel in Collins street (fancy shit! It's on until 30 July, so really there is no excuse to not see it if you're in Melbourne). The gracious folks at the Sofitel put us up for the night in a schmick-o suite (I KNOW) complete with a pillow menu, truffles and a bottle of champagne. WOWSERS. I couldn't believe my good fortune (apart from the sheer luck of being married to the artist and all). The opening was lovely, and Kent sold the last work to a good friend (so we get to visit it - yippee!) which was fantastic.

After swanning around drinking (far too much) champagne, catching up with friends we don't see enough, we crawled our sorry arses into the feathery goodness of bed. Note to self: when that intoxicated, trying to read Harry Potter in an attempt to sober up will not work.

We are now back home, and after a morning of blueberry pancakes and bacon with some friends, have spent the afternoon hanging art in our new home. I have always been far too scared to nail into a rental wall, but we decided to go 'fuck it. Our walls need art!' And oooh they look so fine! I am so stoked to finally have some pieces up, and it has also brought to our attention that we sadly STILL need to get some worked framed (by Amélie Scalercio, Michelle Neal, Tai Snaith and Romani Benjamin). However in the meantime, we have a few pieces of our own up, as well as some gorgeous work by Rachel Rose-Dillon, Tai Snaith, and Carl Scrase. Woo hoo!

Rachel's gorgeous plates that I managed to win in an art swap, for this and this.
They look even better now that they are not wrapped in paper and sitting in a bag. Thanks Rach!

Two works I made while in Berlin, I got framed in order to 'try' and sell them. 
A task I have sort of forgotton about for the time being. Oh well. 

To the left we have a collage by Carl, given to us as a wedding present (thanks Carlos!) centre work is by Tai (procured 
through another swap, you can see a close-up here), and up on the right is my blog banner!

And as you can plainly see, I managed to stay in my studio long enough this afternoon to make a mess, but not actually make any art. My hand got tired! One must be careful you know. Ok, I should probably stop procrastinating and go and finish what I started. Oh yes, and the reference to the foggy nights was regarding the misty evenings we have been having here in the hills. Delicious!

Now, back to the drawing board, so to speak.


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