Monday, June 6, 2011


I thought I'd slip in a sneak-preview of what's coming ... this is one of my most favourite kitchen items EVER, or at least 1 of. It comes from a set of 4 measuring cups of gorgeous-geesey-goodness. These little fellas (or chickies ... what's a man goose look like anyway? And what is he called?) are original 1950s/60s cups, made from that indestructible plastic that just doesn't break (no matter how hard you seem to accidentally fling it onto a the lino.)

I bought these cups years ago from the chapel st bazaar (when it still was reasonably affordable) - before I even moved out of home. I may have a domesticity addiction. I'm not ashamed. 

If you do not own novelty measuring cups, then I strongly suggest you start scouring bazaars, markets and online to secure yourself some. Because what's the fun of baking if you don't have comical yet functional tools?


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  1. I oh so recognized this one... I have a set too but sunlight has yellowed the plastic down one side. And yes I am another who hoardes, I mean collects kitchen stuff. Criteria for new old sweeties entering my home is either you're birdylike or have a practical aspect. Love your gentle rendering here!!


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