Sunday, July 10, 2011

a whole lotta cocky

Oh my god - I could have a field day with the amount of cock-related humour here. I will TRY to refrain (but know this, I will be giggling the whole way through this post. I can't help it.)

Here are some samples from my most recent endeavour (e.g., picking up a pencil yesterday), a study on my most favourite bird, the white Cockatoo. (Or in THIS case, Cockafive - HAHAHAAA!!!! I know, what a dad joke. I am a little ashamed.) There a billions of them up here in Daylesford, and they truly are a sight to behold. These sketches are part of a bigger plan I have (with a whole lot MORE cockies), but are still in experimental stage. So we shall see!

I am still kinda amazed at how different it can be drawing the same thing over and over again. Repetition. Fascinating stuff (for me at least).

Hope you enjoy,

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