Monday, March 28, 2011

ideas of late

Sooooo I believe that this is a slight cop out post, destined for my sketchbook page, but I just couldn't help myself! My sketchbooks are so important for developing work, and there is something about all that paper and pencil that just makes me go 'ooooh!' with a little shiver of joy.

I've been spending days and days cutting birds out for an epic collage (which may have to be constructed fully in Melbourne :s I still haven't figured out the logistics of it all) and am amazed at the sheer mass of them! That and painting up some big bandit birds of spring and flags for our next adventure to the streets! (Aren't I link crazy? It's like a drug I swear.)

Until then, I hope some scrappy notes and doodles will whet (is that even the right word?) your appetite.


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