Monday, May 14, 2012

after the end

Dear friends,

I cordially invite you to attend my upcoming solo show at anna pappas gallery, which opens 30 May, at 6.30 pm. This show is the amalgamation of many moons of serious cutting and pasting, and I'm super excited to have it brought together for this show. Help me get folks spilling out onto the street and join me for a glass of something awesome, would love to see you there!


bird girl flappin' and squawkin', 2011, collage on paper, 32 x 42 cm

A parallel universe where what comes after now is the beginning of the past. An alternate reality in which a ghostly and fractured sequence of time leads to cul de sacs where children play eternally. A ruptured linear flow of objects repeat, mutate and accumulate across vast open plateaus of white void. Where creaking growth, like hands dragged across balloons, sets a melody against the marching beat of distant footsteps. Cogs rain down as flowers fly up to meet them. The gardening, the growing - the pruning and the tuning. All just beginning, even after it is finished.

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