Monday, July 18, 2011


This is gonna seem really strange, given the size of this work (about 14 x 14 cm), but I have been working on this piece (in a sense) for over TWO YEARS! I know, that is really silly. But I started these little fairy sheep in my honours year and had no idea where to put them - they kept coming out of the collage-material vault (yep, I have a vault) for a play on my cutting mat, and then going back in again.

Finally this wee plant presented itself while I was in Berlin - I have this feeling that these poor little bird-sheep want to eat the nectar that is at the top of the plant, but their tiny little hoofs won't let them get at it - and now I feel mean for turning them into mutants when they could have stayed birds and flown up to eat the nectar. And now I feel a little bit crazy for discussing the welfare of my paper animals. 

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