Monday, July 25, 2011

in the snow-sweet sky

Woo hoo! Doily number two is done and dusted - and I have to say, I am pleased that this doily has made the final cut (Bahahaha!! Because it IS cut! Another dad joke for your enjoyment.) See below for work in progress shots, where you will see how relevant my bad humour is. He he he!

 I have been saving these boys for the 'perfect' collage work, and finally, after about 
three years of hoarding, I think I've found it. 

I'm feeling much better about this one - makes me think of the olden days when people actually used doilies, and children played outside instead of playing video games - aah, nostalgia! 

Can't wait to see what the other doilies look like!

And a gratuitous paparazzi shot (I have my own photographer you see). Big thanks to Alex and Lou for organising - you should your tittie-tube back tomorrow! The lady at the post office was most amused when she was inspecting the tube, "now where's it going dear? Tough Titties? Hang on what?!" and had herself a good belly laugh.

Now don't forget Sydney-siders - A Touch of Class launch night is 3rd August 2011 at Somedays Gallery, 72B Fitzroy St, Surry Hills, so get amongst it! More info on the facebook page.

Now, back to the drawing board.



  1. i am in total awe of this piece. i wish i had your brain.

  2. heh heh - thanks (I think?)! It's pretty demented most of the time ...

  3. It's lovely! and even more lovely to find your site, your work is great, clever and funny, I love it! Hope to be in a show with you again sometime, and this time we can both be there, yes we will! xx rayna

  4. Oh Rayna thank you! I may be stalking your site riiiiiight nooow. Clearly we need to get a Melbourne show together, no?

  5. yes please! I'm having an art day in town with my mum next week so I'll be definitely heading down to platform. Looks fab! xx


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