Saturday, June 25, 2011

whimsy thinking and carrot soup

Hello All!

You might be wondering (or not) where I've been the past week, and here I am to tell you. In between starting a new job as a PR assistant, having True Blood marathons on the couch (it's winter, give me a break!), inventing new soups with whatever's left in the fridge (today's soup is carrot, celery and lentil - I'll let you know how it goes), I have been THINKING.

What is this 'thinking' you speak of? Well, it is a vague and elusive temptress, that's for sure, very difficult to grasp. As you might already know, I spent the last 18 months specifically not exhibiting my work (a couple of shows slipped in the cracks accidentally, but it happens). Well, when I finished my honours degree in 2009, I was so mind-fucked that I wasn't sure I ever wanted to exhibit again ever ever. The system of financial support in Australia for art making is so shitty that I got cranky with the whole thing (which I create a whole new blog about). So I just kept my head down and got stuck into my version of bedroom art, and worked a 'meh' job, in an effort not to starve.

So in the last few months, now that I live in a bigger place with room for my desk (bless it's crusty old soul), and a little more time on my hands, I have started to think again. It's nice. I've been thinking about my work, and where it sits in context with this sphere of contemporary art practice in Australia. I still don't know - I told you I was thinking, not writing a Phd, ok? This led to some idle ideas of maybe trying to get some exhibitions after all. Maybe give myself a bit of a productivity kick in the bum.

So, maybe this is a good thing. Just from my 'thinking' I've been invited to be in a group show in August in Sydney, as part of the Design Festival (all will be revealed soon), a solo show in September (all will be revealed soon-ish) and an invitation for a project show at a prominent commercial gallery in Melbourne for 2012 (where THAT came from?) - details to come.

So all in all, I have decided that so far, perhaps thinking is actually rather productive. Who knew?

In the meantime, stay tuned for exhibition dates and sneak previews of works!



  1. OOOOhhhh, I must say i'm quite a fan of all this thinking. How do you manage to do it so productively? Whenever unwittingly embark on a thinking stint I find myself in a bigger hole than ever! And how exciting about all the exhibition, you're like an actual hardcore artist now! Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  2. Haha - I confess I was only referencing the benefits of thinking - I too, often find myself in that despairing hole of brain implosion from thinking too hard. It can be so counter-productive too - bleeeeeh! xxx


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