Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The other side

Ok, so I know what it looks like: I have a thing for fish. And cats. But it's not that I swear! Or is it? Hmmm. All I know is that there is a whole lotta colour and pattern going on here, and I like it.
Content aside. Not my fault that this cat is clearly a greedy mofo.

I really shouldn't have said anything - the more I write, the closer I become to being that crazy cat lady who sits in her room all day cutting out pictures of fish for her pretend paper cat to eat while singing folk music way too loud. 

Oh god, it has already happened. 

And some closeups for your sweet selves. Click on the images if you want to see even closer - this work is 76 x 100 cm on the crispiest fabriano tiepolo paper you ever saw (can you tell I went shopping this week?) - mmm, large!

Tomorrow? Maybe back to birds ...


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