Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winter Warmers

This work was made while i was wrapped in a wooly kaftan and ugg boots and breathing frost, wishing that i could crawl into some kind of warm burrow. Therefore the apples had temporarily satisfy that desire. Trying to make a crisp shiny apple appear snuggly is a strange attempt indeed. This may have also been a reaction to my cats gone wild # 2, possibly an effort in making cats cute again. I'm feeling a little Anne Geddes gone wrong here.

collage on fabriano note card, approx 20 x 15 cm.



  1. makes me think of baked apples and my mother buying a special apple corer that never really worked. Very wintery.

  2. i know of this apple corer - they are horrible and accident inducing! mmm baked apples... with saucy stuff and cinnamon...

  3. I love these little cats!! They look SO snuggly! Like, the kittens in the pie in Young Einstein. They were going to be cooked and eaten sure, but in a warm, wintery, snuggly way!


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