Thursday, July 1, 2010

cats go wild # 2

I don't know what came over me - I am not usually this morbid, or well, i haven't been this morbid in a really long time. I thought it was really funny - is this bad??

'Man Getting His Head Ripped Off By A Cat (Whose Body Happens To Be A Mandrake Root)'

collage and gouache on fabriano note card, approx 15 x 13 cm.



  1. I like this. I have also had weird fascination for mandrake roots ever since I had to read this god awful book in year 8 that referenced the whole 'they scream and you die' thing. I mean, that's a pretty crazy legend about a plant of all things. I also think this is just hilarious.

  2. oh i am glad you think it's funny! i am never sure if what i think is funny is just grossly morbid to everyone else.


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