Thursday, September 19, 2013

cat people magazine.

Yes. It's a thing. It has images of my cat-art in it. And it's coming to a Tokyo near you. Obviously.

Image courtesy Cat People Magazine

Cat People Magazine is launching this month at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013 – but never fear, other cat lovers and freaks around the globe! There is enough pussy to go around,* and can be sent discretely** right to your door. Cat People Magazine, Issue 1, is available for online pre-order here.

Image courtesy Cat People Magazine

You can see delightful video previews of the publication here.

Happy Thursday everyone!


*There is 1000 to go around. Get in quick - you know what Japanese schoolgirls are like. They come in droves and they all want kittens.
**I cannot guarantee that it will be discrete in any way.

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