Sunday, July 28, 2013

Upcoming exhibition - You Are The Gardens

Good morning and happy Sunday to you all. It's pretty busy in my studio-come-office right now, with manuscripts to edit strewn over flowers and random cut outs. As always, the life-work balance is testing me (has anyone figured out which one art fits into?) and it sure does make it darn exciting.

You Are the Gardens is an exhibition that was created through pure intuition, in a poorly lit room down on the Peninsula. Slightly messy, a little rumpled and more abstract than I've gone in the past, this collection feels very close to my heart (or is it my brain?) and a little further away from my safety net. Ramble ramble. Who cares? Show me the pictures!

I can't keep the frantic madness of it all inside any longer, so I thought I'd share a teaser with you. You Are the Gardens is opening at Stockroom Gallery 10 August from 4.30 pm, and would love to see your shining faces there.

You Are the Gardens - collage and watercolour on paper, 2013


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