Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Cuckoo's Nest

The Cuckoo's Nest

July 12 to August 1

at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts

26 Acland Street, St. Kilda

Opening night: July 12, 6pm

Featuring new works from Beci Orpin, Siri Hayes, Lucy James, Dell Stewart, Low Phat Wytchkraft (sisters Kate and Jessie Tucker), Ellequa Martin and Tai Snaith. Curated by Tai Snaith.

In most bird species, the female builds and feathers the nest before laying her eggs. In the case of The Cuckoo, however, she simply lays her egg's in another bird's nest. This idea of hijacking someone else's space is in some ways similar to what we do as artists. We make personal objects, images and ideas and  they often end up in someone else's home and life. In The Cuckoo's Nest a group of seven female artists will be treating Linden a little like a display home for a new way of living with art.
— Curator Tai Snaith

Men With Glasses - the antiquated online dating service you never thought you'd need, analogue style. A collection, in the thousands, of heads categorised into looks, occupation, feelings, you name it. This collection delves into notions of obsession, hoarding, stalking. This is husband hunting at its darkest. Find your man. Men who wear glasses are often associated with intelligence, high-powered jobs and bookish good looks. Who doesn't love a man who reads?

This collection visually references the study of entomology, jovially suggesting 'all men are insects'. This opens up discussion about the role of men in women's lives in the past and in the current climate and how we categorise people in general. Are all men liars, as Sam de Brito tells us every weekend in his Age column? Are they all bastards? Why do we all want one so badly? Is it still important to 'have' a man? If you already have a man, do you have him or does he have you?

This gem collection weaves into the idea of The Cuckoo's Nest, creating a dark and dirty love nest of all the potential suitors a girl could, would, should have. Part psychopath cave, part museum archive, these men have been are preserved based on their one common visual thread: glasses.

Come down to Linden next Friday to join me for a drink, there will be enough Men With Glasses for everyone!


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