Friday, March 1, 2013


This week I spent the morning at a Melbourne Girls' School, sharing my own experiences of school, uni and life after study, as well as demonstrating methods in my own art practice. The girls were simply gorgeous to work with, and all had fantastic ideas - I was astounded by how hard they worked in the limited time they had! I thought I'd share some images (courtesy Michael Miller and Robyn Price). Fingers crossed that the girls had as much fun as I did, and weren't too confused my my waffling anecdotes!

A massive thanks to Robyn for facilitating, and organising the worlds most fabulous materials supply! You request a snack, and get a banquet. Never have I seen so much glue and second hand books in one room. As I always find in these experiences, you tend learn as much as you teach - one of my most exciting discoveries was the GLUE PEN! Something I'd never heard of before, so it was a joy to experiment with it with the students.

It was a truly lovely experience to meet the students, who were so generous in allowing me into their space. A super switched-on bunch too! 


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