Thursday, August 4, 2011

one more sleep!

Hey all, just a friendly and pushy reminder that Platform August Shows opens TOMORROW NIGHT at 6 pm so get yourselves down to the subway to see some treats! My work is installed in the Sample space, which is next to the coffee stand around the corner (exit onto Elizabeth St) - you'll know it when you see it!

Here's some sneaky preview shots for you in the mean time, with more detailed shots to come after the launch!

Hope to see some lovely faces there to enjoy some experimental sound and tasty beverages!



  1. Lucy, this looks beautiful... congratulations on such a lovely showing... Can you believe I am coming to Melbourne but on the 4thSept...I think I will miss it..bummer!!! x

  2. Thanks Sandra! Oh no! I de-install on the 27th! That's sucky that you'll miss it - my next show's not till 28th September :-( (I''m guessing you'll be back home then?) BALLS. Don't worry - there's always more to come.



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