Friday, July 1, 2011

please pause for a shameless moment

I will freely admit; that I feel like a bit of a tosser this week. And that is because I am now officially one of those people who carry around business cards. My smarmy chuckle when I smugly hand them out comes all too naturally - it's a little bit scary. But I can't help it. THEY ARE SO COOL!!! I mean LOOK! They are teeny weeny little pieces of cardboard with PICTURES ON THEM! And not only pictures, but MY pictures! Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!? There is something uncannily seductive about the printed word, so make that printed word your own name and all hell breaks loose. Am I the only one who feels that? 

What I really mean to say, if you are one of the poor souls (e.g. half my mates) who've had to smile politely and somewhat enthusiastically at me, after having one of these (awesome) suckers shoved in your face - I apologise. I know that you know that I know that you already know my phone number and email address. Thanks for humouring me guys.

... But they're TINY! What's not to love?!


  1. toss out the tosser notion and proceed with joy your produce of the tiny - they look fabulous ps I WANT ONE!

  2. Thanks for the advice swinkie - I am now proceeding with joy! Hehehe! I think they have more interest as cool little pictures than actual business cards - and hey, that's fine with me!


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