Sunday, April 3, 2011

für deutschland

So, I think my my surroundings are subconsciously leaking into my work. What with lounging around my bed, parks and cafes of Berlin, reading material like The Book Thief and Neither Here Nor There (both with much undertones of Germany, wait, not undertones, how about one book is set there and oh right the other book travels all around it.) is all clearly rubbing off. I didn't even realise the suggestive colours of this lady until Kent pointed it out. (I believe being a zombie with a cold has influenced my lack of attention to anything much at the moment!)

The lady in this image was also found at the Mauerpark flea markets, I think circa 1940s. (I didn't find it in the 1940s, that would be impossible. But I think the photograph was taken around then.) I still feel a bit strange about using old photographs for my work, somehow encyclopedias are much more fun. Goodness!



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