Friday, March 18, 2011

what I do on rainy days

Apart from mooching, drinking giant cups of coffee and regular sized cups of tea, cleaning, and eating, I sometimes do some art stuff. On Sunday I bought a pile of old photos from the market, and have slowly been sifting through and Disecting them bit by bit. So far it seems to be a pretty pink project ...

Yeah, yeah, I am still working on the photography part of this! Please understand that in my flat I currently have nowhere to hang anything! We have two precarious nails in one wall (see last pic!) reserved for extra awesome finished work.

A view of my studio (which is really the kitchen)

And the awesome string gallery. I've been working on some paper flags out of my bird-book offcuts, that will (hopefully) eventually make it outside. For now, they go in the string gallery. Until tomorrow! (Do you like how I wrote tomorrow, as if I will have something to post? I actually don't have anything to post, but I am hoping that by writing it, I will have to make it come true.)


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