Monday, November 8, 2010

sudden flushes of unconcious material

so last night i was asked 'how long does it take you to make one of these?' - it's really hard to say! i think of it liiiike - most pieces i spend days and days and DAYS cutting. I have draws of disembodied figures and objects. it is like i have a vat of thousands of mismatched puzzle pieces from different sets. and so then there is sometimes minutes, hours, days, of trying to get them to fit together. and then, by magic, when they do, it is about a nano-second of fitting joy! sometimes.

other times, like above, there is an idea - i had my many fish, and wanted them to explode out of something - it was about trying to find the right source of the explosion! originally it was a little girl, but she just wasn't right. sometimes it takes longer to compose the image so it is on the right sized white space... other times the image is created alone, and then i find a little white void for it to sit in after. make sense? maybe not ...



  1. oooh - i am sorry but it has sold!! (well ok, not that sorry about that part) - would love to do a swap with you at some stage though Anna - let me know if there is anything else that takes your fancy! I have some more work on the go, so soon there will be new things for you to look at!


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